#askwarren -Were you & @gatesfoundation aware @POTUS's Memorandum causing the USACE to revoke the EIS probably makes the raid conducted on 2/22/17 to enforce your investment illegal? 

Substantiation: "When 2000 veterans were set to arrive the day before eviction of the camp (set for December 5th), Army Corps of Engineers suddenly announced they were denying the easement through Lake Oahe.   (As for the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) notice of intent the Tribe was waiting for, that was announced on January 18th.) Public input as to why an EIS was needed was being accepted until February 20th. But the the USACE reversed themselves again and declared, after Trump's Memorandum that they intend to grant the easement. The EIS is aborted the moment they do, but this move is not legal, and deliberately abrogates the Interior Department Memorandum provided to the USACE that provided the rational, legal (as pertaining to the tribes and Treaties) basis for initiating the EIS."

Source: "How Bono's RED became the color of philanthrowashing done right for the Dakota Access Pipeline" - Part II

"When the Army Corps of Engineers cleared the way for completing the Dakota Access Pipeline on Tuesday, the agency also canceled something the Standing Rock Sioux have been asking for since the project started: a full report on the environmental effects to the tribe’s main water source."

"The Corps also canceled an environmental impact statement, which had never been completed for the area."

"Within hours of the Army Corps’ decision, the Standing Rock Sioux vowed to challenge the decision in court."

“'The president doesn’t have the authority to change the law, and the executive order doesn’t support the change,' he said. '[The Army Corps of Engineers is] waning to political pressure and violating the law and the tribe’s rights by abandoning the environmental impact statement.' -Jan Hasselman" 

"Technically, the Army Corps of Engineers reserves the right to change its mind about projects, but the agency needs to give a reason, according to retired Col. John Eisenhauer, a district engineer and commander with the Army Corps of Engineers from 2011 to 2013."

"Both the Army Corps’ federal court filing and its letter notifying Congress refer to compliance with Trump’s memorandum about finishing the Dakota Access Pipeline. But the memorandum itself doesn’t offer any explanation as to why the project needed further review in December but not today."

Source: "Taking the pipeline to Court" - Vice News  

Unfortunately for Buffett/Gates Foundation's major DAPL investment, Trump's administration deliberately deep-sixed a Memorandum by the Interior Department in order to do this:

"Prior to the end of the Obama administration, the Army Corps solicited the Interior Department’s opinion on how treaty rights should weigh when making considerations in favor of the pipeline project. A memo [PDF] dated December 4, 2016, shows Hilary C. Tompkins, the solicitor at the Interior Department, believed the Army Corps was on solid legal ground to deny the easement. (Note: This is known as an “M-opinion,” a formal legal analysis issued by the Interior Department’s top lawyer)."

Source: "Interior Department produced a Memo on the Dakota Access Pipeline that Trump does not want the public to read" - Shadowproof

2nd Source: "Trump administration withdrew legal memo that found 'ample legal justification' to halt Dakota Access Pipeline" - ABC News 

3rd Source (which also includes a link to the actual PDF of Tompkins' report at the end): "Suppressed memo shows many failings in Corps review of Dakota Access plan"  - Minnesota Post

"Here’s how the Standing Rock Sioux will keep fighting Dakota Access - in court" - Grist -this article makes mention of how "The tribe’s legal motion also charges that the Army Corps violated the National Environmental Policy Act by terminating an environmental review of the pipeline, and violated the Clean Water Act as well." This is the segment of the court case (the violation of the National Environmental Policy Act) that has to do with the abrogation of the EIS. "'What you have is this well-supported decision from a past administration to do more and give a full consideration to treaty rights, and then the second administration throws it in the trash,' says Jan Hasselman of Earthjustice, who’s representing the tribe in its lawsuit. 'That’s just not how it works.'"

This is actively being pursued by members of Congress for this very reason: "Senators Tom Carper (D., Delaware), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, and Maria Cantwell (D., Washington), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, have sent an oversight letter to the Army Corps of Engineers demanding documentation about its rushed DAPL approval, including all communications and contact with the Trump transition team and administration." - Lakota People's Law Project

Here is Senator Cantwell's letter to the USACE.

This doesn't just make the raid/enforcement of the pipeline's present installation illegal, but the installation itself. 

Third entry from the bottom on the timeline included in this article, "A License to Hate". Even this mentions that revoking the EIS is Illegal: "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers toyed with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe by halting the pipeline, issuing an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) along parts of the 1,172-mile route, then weeks later issued the final easement needed, illegally nullifying the EIS through President Trump's executive orders [in fact it was one Memorandum]." 

"Standing Rock Sioux Tribe not properly heard in pipeline dispute, says UN official" - CBC

Statement from the report's author: “In the context of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the potentially affected tribes were denied access to information and excluded from consultations at the planning stage of the project,” Tauli-Corpuz said. “Furthermore, in a show of disregard for treaties in the federal cross-responsibility, the Army Corps approved a draft environmental assessment regarding the pipeline that ignored the interests of the tribe. 

“The draft made no attempt of proximity to the reservation or the fact that the pipeline would cross historic treaty lands of a number of tribal nations. In doing so the draft environmental assessment treated the tribe’s interest as nonexistent, demonstrating the flawed current process.”

"United Nations Denounces the North Dakota State government" - HPR