#askwarren Are @RED and @ONECampaign et al aware your funding of @gatesfoundation means they are DAPL beneficiaries? 

Here are the financials that demonstrate how Warren Buffett was invested (at publication) in the Dakota Access Pipeline $6.8 billion and thereby so is Gates Foundation, who are Warren Buffett's beneficiary to the tune of $10.74 billion, which proportionately makes them DAPL investors at nearly $1.7 billion.

"ONE was Gates' brainchild as much or more than it was Bono’s. Bono’s ONE and RED are more or less Gates Foundation funded affairs, with 83% of ONE's budget is allocated to "raising awareness and educating policymakers". This obviously cuts both ways, i.e., in generating awareness for the funding target, it simultaneously generates a benevolent awareness about the funders. There are years when half ONE’s funding has been from Gates Foundation, and with ONE’s  $31.8 million dollar budget for 2014, -obviously Gates Foundation’s self-declared $135 million over the years to ONE is not insignificant. Gates Foundation’s beneficence to RED (that flagship of “consumer activism”) is not insignificant either. This was the Gates Foundation funding grant Bono rapturously announced out of Davos next to a grinning Gates on a snowy alpine slope for January, 2016 on RED’s Facebook home page."

By the process of matching funds Gates Foundation is in fact responsible for 50% of RED's generated funds for 2016 (that's $128 million). 

"#Cringemas was one of RED’s promotional twitter hashtags for #shopathon December 2016 (the youtube online gamer portion), -a RED campaign that 
was matched by the Gates Foundation to the tune of $78 million.) While RED’s page for this bears no date, you can take it from me that this was announced in conjunction with RED’s #Shopathon launched on December 1st, 2016." 

Every consumer who participated in RED's funding drives had no knowledge or awareness that they were being matched, in part, by stock dividends invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline, which, thanks to Warren Buffett, are bankrolling Gates Foundation. 

Source quotes from "How Bono's RED became the color of philanthrowashing done right for the Dakota Access Pipeline"

ONE is now helmed by Gayle Smitha former director of USAID. This is telling.

Other pertinences:

"Bono Under Fire: Where Did all the ONE Money Go?" - The Week

Then there's ONE's Board of Directors. To start with there's Sheryl Sandberg.

She literally has no clue when Facebook's conduct in advertising is illegally racist

Conversely "Facebook's lead independent director [is] chief executive officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" - Bloomberg

There are two individuals running ONE who also run the Gates Foundation, someone from Forbes (which Bono's Elevation Partners used to have majority control over at $264 million), someone from Caterpillar (the corporation subject to #BDS after their [militarized] equipment was used to kill an American citizen (as well as carry out extra-judicial killings), information which made no difference to sales), someone from Bloomberg (billionaire owner Michael Bloomberg's record for sexual harrassment lands him squarely in Trumplandia pretty much, which the Clinton camp had no problem with whatsoever), Larry Summers (the "Typhoid Mary of Economics"), and a Buffett, who runs a foundation out of Warren Buffett's wealth.   

'Larry Summers had the power to punish Wall Street. Now he's slamming Obama's gentle treatment" - The Intercept

Now that he is distancing himself from the policies he himself exacted, meaning his assertion that a 2% US economic growth rate is not as meaningful as it should be because of economic inequality (given his policies protected the eventuated disembowelment of the middle class in terms of any equity they'd acquired since the 50's in terms of home ownership -a humanization exercise facilitated (yet again) by Bloomberg, -go figure) - before we even address whether his statement is even meaningful given his economic history, first, go ahead an ask yourself if his expectations for economic growth, given US rates of consumption to provide for it are a climatological holocaust for everyone on the planet, -are in any way grounded in reality? For comparison, a 2% growth rate in human population is catastrophic. It would mean population doubling in 35 years.

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Michael Barker, the author of "Under the Mask of Philanthropy", has this historical context on the initiation of ONE's board:

"In 2004, Bono extended his activist commitments, and with the backing of Bread for the World, the Better Safer World coalition, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he created “ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History,” which merged with DATA in 2007 and is now known as ONE Campaign. All board members of ONE are leading representatives of the US power elite, but three who exhibit outstanding service to capitalist propaganda are president and CEO Michael Elliott (who most recently served as the editor of TIME International), board chair Tom Freston (who is the former CEO of Viacom and MTV Networks), and Joe Cerrell (who presently works for the Gates Foundation, but formerly served as the vice president of the philanthropy practice at APCO Worldwide and as assistant press secretary to former US Vice President Al Gore). A significant recent addition to ONE’s board of directors is World Bank Managing Director Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who is active on the board of Friends Africa where he sits alongside African “friends” like Jeffrey Sachs and the chairman of De Beers, Jonathan Oppenheimer. Yet another especially interesting ONE board member is Helene Gayle, who as a former employee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now employed as the president of the leading international “aid” outfit, CARE.

Here, it is noteworthy to recall that CARE was formed by Herbert Hoover as the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, and since its inception in 1945 has provided a valuable means of promoting imperialism via the strategic provision of food aid."

"Bob Geldof and the Aid Industry: Do They Know It's Imperialism?" - wrongkindofgreen