Dream of the Possessed Child

February 24th, ‘99 –I’m still having very heavy dreams. This dream entered a phase where I was hunted as an outlaw with a son, who had been passed on to me when I became my mother. I don’t remember the circumstances of how we were outcasts, but it related to social constraints and our uniqueness (perhaps religious or empathic) and it was highly significant. Aside from having to escape common citizenry in general, I was also on the run from beings with unnatural powers, who were trying to take my son. (They were like superheroes, and intended to take him into their order.) One of them, a woman, was gaining demonic possession of him. He had come to the point where he was fighting me physically in order to go to the woman, who was hunting for us and drawing him. I remember the group of them passing us on the roadside in the snow, while I hid with my son beyond a ditch in the bushes. When they were coming my son began to fight me in order to be with her, and I was forced to sedate him. Then I found refuge in an old house with an elderly man. He took us in without the requisite explanation. How could I have verified the condition of my son?

When he awoke, he had become very savage. I was frightened because we also had with us a small black cat, she was at my left hand, and all of a sudden she was horrendously savage. She was clawing apart my hand, when my son awoke and snarled as well. He actually saw me as an enemy he must destroy. The cat was more evil; I recognized that the woman had in fact entered the cat. I could not deal with her, and my son, both at once; they were going to try to tear me to pieces. I took the cat by the tail and hurled in headfirst into the wall. With that my son regained himself and was a passive and gentle child. The woman had gone too far into the dead cat.